Event Memo

Jobs Press Conference

Brewer, maine

Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 2:30 pm

Contacts:            State Director: Jesse Connolly, 207-749-5933

                                    Press: Jesse Derris, 207-252-0242


A press conference with laid-off workers and state legislators to discuss George Bush’s dismal jobs record.      


Thursday, July 15, 2004

2:30 pm


Eastern Fine Paper Co. Mill (parking lot)

517 South Maine Street, Brewer


To discuss George Bush’s lack of leadership on jobs in Maine, and to point out how unfair his policies are to workers.


George Bush is out of touch with Maine’s working families. Maine has lost nearly 17,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office, and yet he continues to promote economic policies that reward companies for shipping our jobs overseas. It’s time for new leadership in Washington that cares about Maine’s workers.




Sen. Steve Stanley – introduce the event, talk about jobs and job quality; DO NOT talk about Maine Jobs section yet)

Sen. Steve Stanley introduces Worker 1.

Worker 1 speaks about her experiences, urges workers to vote for Kerry-Edwards.

Sen. Steve Stanley introduces Worker 2

Worker 2 speaks about his experiences, urges workers to vote for Kerry-Edwards.

Sen. Steve Stanley closes with section on Maine Jobs, talks about report findings.


Key Political Issues:

-         Bush jobs record

-         Outsourcing

Talking Points:

Introduction -

-         When George Bush took office, he promoted a tax cut, job stimulus plan that he claimed would create millions of new jobs. 

-         As most people in Maine know now, his tax cuts for the wealthy did little to create new jobs for workers and even less to protect the jobs we did have.

-         As a result, Maine’s working families are less secure today than they were when Bush took office.  With 1.8 million lost private sector jobs combined with lower income and smaller wages, Americans are struggling to meet their families’ needs. 

-         George Bush has yet to take responsibility for his failure to deliver on his promise to create new jobs. 

-         George Bush faces the worst jobs record of any President who has run for reelection in nearly sixty years.

Jobs -

-         In 2002, the president promised American workers 6 million new jobs by this May.

-         Instead, we have lost more than 1 million jobs in that time.

-         As a result, we are 7 million jobs short of the prediction Bush made AFTER 9/11 and the recession.

-         Since January 2001, the number of Americans working “part time for economic reasons” has risen by 1.3 million – meaning that over a million American have been unable to find full-time jobs.  That is a 40 percent increase.  Many or most of these jobs lack health insurance and other benefits.

-         In Maine, 16,800 manufacturing jobs have been lost since Bush took office in January 2001 (highest per capita loss in the nation).

-         Since January 2004, 7,000 Mainers have seen their unemployment assistance run out. [www.cbpp.org]

Job Quality -

-         The jobs that are being created by Bush are worse than the jobs we lost

-         We are being paid less to do more: According to the convservative Wall Street Journal, wages as a percentage of our national economy are the lowest they have been since the 1960s, and by the same measure, corporate profits are their highest since the government began to keep track, in the 1940s.

-         Nearly 90% of the new jobs Bush touts have been in low-wage industries – people are being paid LESS. [Merrill Lynch]

Maine jobs –

-         According to a new report released by the Kerry-Edwards campaign, George Bush has fallen 26,000 jobs short of what he promised Maine workers.

-         The jobs that are being created, says the new report, are paying us $9,400 less than those we lost.

-         Don’t tell us losing 1.8 million private sector jobs is the best we can do.  When 90% of the jobs being created are in low-wage industries that are less-likely to offer benefits, we know there’s so much more we can do.

-          John Kerry has a comprehensive plan to create 10 million new, better paying jobs. He will put an end to tax breaks that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas and create the jobs of the future by strengthening America’s commitment to technology and innovation. To help families save and get ahead, he will bring down health care costs, pursue a comprehensive strategy to lower energy costs and take steps to open the doors of higher education to all Americans. 

-         Some people are satisfied with the way things are, but John Kerry knows we can do better.  Our country is stronger when the machines are running, products are being made and people are cashing paychecks to care for their families. We can do better, and with the help of the American people in November, we will.